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                                                 Worldwide Senor Exchange

Welcome to our Senior Community dedicated to helping each other to exchange “good” life information.

“The best gift a senior person can give to another person (of any age) is sharing their wisdom and emotion about valuable life experiences, that can be learned and improve the listener’s life,” said “Dr George” Morris, PhD

“Emotions are the key to the meaning of life,” said philosopher and author of 37 courses/books, Dr. Robert C. Solomon.  

Click here to see Dr Solomon’s Biographical page with testimonials.

Will you please share your “most important” experience stories and memories about Senior life, (both the good and “challenging”) with our community?
Please include the emotions involved in learning the experience/information, (one page of 500 words or less).  

Share your thoughts with us even if you are “passing-on” a story from another person other than yourself, who benefited from that experience.  

Also, descriptive Images, photographs, pictorial/illustrations/videos can enhance your personal stories, experiences and emotions for our community.  

Please consider that one page can provide readers with a fast, clean and simple experience that is simultaneously effective and beautiful.    

Senior wisdom is why a high value is placed on seniors in almost all human cultures. “Honor (listen to thy father and mother) is a sound proposition of communication. The understanding and learning of important knowledge and experience about life is a proven way to survive and grow.  

Our Editor “Dr. George” Morris PhD, Professor Emeritus California State University says: (“Now I am a “senior” too – but I fought admitting it for a long time.) LOL!

You may remain anonymous to our community about your comments. Or you can

identify yourself to our community and even include a Selfie cell phone

Our Community Editorial Panel reserves the sole right to not publish your page and/or your identity on our site. And, if you advise us NOT to publish
your name, we shall not.  However, the Editor would like to know who you are by name.  

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As humans, we are emotional animals, therefore, please explain the feelings and emotions along with what can be learned from the experience.

Following are “pages” that attempt to explain and expand upon the initial study areas for Dr. George and his team of researchers. These pages also include some of the secrets to each area.

Welcome and thanks!  Dr. George Morris